Daily Prayers


Maidenhead United Reformed Church



Heavenly Father, we thank You for the year that has passed and the many blessings You have showered upon us. We beg your pardon in our many failings and trespasses. Make the New Year a more fruitful and blessed one.

We also thank You for every test of time that has brought us stronger in faith and trust in You. Fill us with the gift of the Holy Spirit, so that we may witness to others, in the name of Jesus Christ, your son.


Almighty and everlasting God, you know each one of us - our gifts and our skills, our faults and our failures. You know our place in your created world

Generous God, we come today amazed by your creation and all that you provide for us. We have also come here knowing that too often we have let you down, said the wrong thing, made the wrong decision, made a judgment without knowing all of the facts, taken for granted what others only dream of. Too often we have failed to listen, especially when you have called us to action. Forgive us for all our wrongdoings and for our inaction. Guide us along the way. We ask in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen


Please pray for those events which happen in our church.

The meeting for prayer and bible-study, SALT will begin at some point – a small group- but we hope to grow.

Those who prepare a lunch for hard-up/homeless folk also meet. They look forward to others who can offer to help.

Friendship Group will resume meetings, with a new committee and an interesting programme.

Please pray for all our groups, whatever the day.


Our prayers today are for the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.

We thank God for the peace and security we enjoy today, for the stability that we so often take for granted.

We pray for the authorities to execute justice well and for wisdom in this task.

Pray for open minds and listening ears, that our leaders would be open to wise counsel from religious leaders, regarding freedom of conscience and worship issues.


Please pray for persecuted Christians, worldwide. Last month there was a report of 11 Christians being beheaded by an Islamic group in Nigeria. Although extreme, this is just one of many examples around the world. Reports come of attacks in India, Pakistan, Iraq, China and many northern African states. Keep praying for our Christian sisters and brothers who are suffering & that churches will grow, for Jesus’ sake. Amen.


Heavenly Father, we pray for help as we read and study the Bible – so that we may come to a better understanding and knowledge of the salvation that it offers and what is your will for our lives…

We ask that we come closer to Jesus Christ, our Saviour. Open the eyes of our understanding and prepare our hearts by the power of Your Spirit - that we may receive Your word with much joy and rejoicing and we end today having a deeper grasp of who You are. Amen.


Living God, we do not serve you as faithfully as we’d like to, we do not know you as fully as we want to, and we do not love you as much we should do, but we long to live as your people and yearn to give you the commitment you deserve.

Take, then, the discipleship we offer, flawed though it is, and work within us by your grace to make us what you would have us be, through Jesus Christ out Lord. Amen.

(from Short Prayers for public worship – Nick Fawsett)