Paddington Comes to


Now, before you get your hopes up that this is about the (imminent??) opening of Crossrail, it isn’t!

It is actually something even more exciting (what could be?) because Paddington Bear has been doing the rounds of the churches in Wessex Synod and finally arrived at Maidenhead. He will stay with us for two weeks before travelling on to another URC church.

(He was supposed to have been here quite a while ago.)

He would like to be included in as many church activities as possible and in his travel journal we will write about his time with us. He also comes with a couple of questions for us to discuss:

1. How are we welcoming and encouraging the youth in and around our church?

2. How do we encourage them to walk the path of discipleship, to grow and spread God’s word?

However, Paddington is NOT only interested in our young people. As we get started on our Local Ministry and Mission Review (LMMR) we should ask ourselves those same two questions referring to ANYONE.

Paddington would like to meet as many of you as his time permits. So please feel free to invite him to any of your church activities and maybe send me a photo to include in his travel journal.

He is currently staying in the display cabinet in the link so everyone can see him. But if you would like to have him come to one of your meetings, or want to read his travel journals, please ask Linda or one of the Elders for a key to the display cabinet. But please, please make sure you put him back afterwards!

Thank you,

John Holton - Church Secretary

(on behalf of Paddington Bear)

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I've arrived at Maidenhead United Reformed Church. What a lovely Church it is

This is me making Pizza's for the Wednesday Homeless Lunch Club

(hope they like marmalade Pizza)

And I even helped Beth with the washing up after dinner ( splashed water on the camera and made it fuzzy oops!)