On Tuesday 26th November 2019, Paddington Bear visited Drop In

He loved the story corner, where lots of teddies and other soft toys were reading books

Paddington made lots of friends

What an amazing surprise for all the children (and adults)

And, the train set was amazing, with lots of trains,bridges, houses, and trees. Some of the helpers were very good at setting up the track. Thanks to elaine for todays!

Elaine, Maggie,and Beth with of course Paddington Bear

As he arrived he was shown round the hall, which was full of toys, all ready for the children

Paddington noticed Elaine was very busy! She even made cakes and brought them for us all, The Mums and Grandma's loved it!

(and the helpers)

Paddington tried to do a jigsaw, and then moves on to cookm a nice meal. His burgers were amazing, especially as he added some tomato, cucumber, and cheese to them. Then he joined the other children in the coffee shop which was on the end table, served with some more delicious cakes1 Yum!

He decided to sit on the stage so that he could see everyone arriving. After a few minutes, he jumped down as he couldn't wait to play with the first children to enter the hall.

Paddington played and played , and all of a sudden someone shouted "TIDY UP TIME!" It was a boy called Luke, who is a very good help at tidy up time.

Two hours had gone by and Paddington was sad it was all over, but the children told him he would be invited back toanother group very soon, but for now , he was shown back to his room in the link, waving goodbye to all the children and Elaine, Beth, and Maggie.