Did you notice?

I included an article from last month's magazine in this month. here is the one that should have been in the May Magazine from David Finch.

Are you missing out?

The May issue of Reform is a real cracker this month. Are you a regular reader?

If not, then let me tell you briefly of some of the major features. One of the major items is an interview with the world’s oldest man, who is now 112 years old – and he belongs to the United Reformed Church!

There are three letters on different subjects – which made me proud to be in the URC. There’s a Bible Study on Mark 4:35-41, and a page written by an African survivor of torture. And lots more – with a brief mention of the book review (all less the £10) and the challenging double crossword!

If you want to have a look, contact your Reform agent or look on the URC website.

David Finch


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