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Connect to our Synod

As well as being Synod Clerk, I am, of course, a member of a local church.  And so I’m very aware that sometimes what is going on in the Synod seems a bit distant. Our focus, quite rightly, is on our everyday discipleship as we seek to follow Christ and serve him in and through our local church community and in the wider world.

But I also believe that the Synod can help us in all this. The Synod, after all, is just “us”.  As individuals we gather to support and guide one another within our local church family; as local churches we gather into Synods for support and guidance.

But that connection is much harder to sustain because of the physical distances between us.

However, technology can help us!

I hope you know that last September we launched a new Synod Website (if you didn’t know before, you do now!). On this website you will find amongst other things;

•Practical advice

•Details of the people you can contact for help

•A calendar of all the events happening in the Synod and how to take part

•A Newsletter which is published twice a month and includes news of our churches


So next time you go on-line to check your e-mails or shop, why not enter:

and add it to your favourites. Visit often. Stay connected!


Of course, some of you won’t have internet access. So perhaps someone in the congregation who does, would be willing to print out the Newsletter, watch out for website information which is of interest to your church and help to keep us all connected.


With love and best wishes

Sue Brown

(Synod Clerk)