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This page is essentially a site map which lets you know where all our pages are located. So, if you are looking for a specific page and you are not sure where to find it, this is where you will find the information you require.

Finding your way around our web site.

Most of the title headings on the left of this page have pages nested undeneath them, so by mousing over a heading you will be able to see which pages are nested within that group heading. simply click on the heading you are seeking to go to that page. For example:

Contact Us: has a map nested under it so you can find you way to us.

Prayer Page: Do you want someone to pray with or for you send your prayer request from this page

About Us: has the following pages nested ... Our History... Our Vision... Child Friendly Award... Church Artifacts... and a handy Message Board where you can send us a message or ask for information on anything at all.

The Church: has information on Service times... weekly notices... and the A/V Operators Rota.

Church Groups: includes, Church Life and Mission... Friendship Group... Churches Together... Bible Study... Scout Group... and Fair Trade.

Children and Youth: is where you will find - Youth  Activities... Youth Events... n:vestigate... and Holiday Club Pictures...

Calendar: a list of all the events due to take place  and... Special Dates for your diary

Church Magazine:  this will take you to the Enterprise magazine for the current month and also to the magazine bookcase which has all the magazines published since 2015

Music News: News of any planned concerts or musical events... Band/Musicians... news about our musical group.

Lettings: here you will find a list of rooms that may be available to hire and the Lettings Diary gives details of what's actually booked for the current week.

Video Page: This page is dedicated to Vision for Live video's


From time to time other pages will be available and these will appear in this list.