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Listening Lord,

We want to share the good news of Christ's continuing love with people around us and to grow your church here in West street to be a demonstration of that love. We are founded on the work that has been done before us by your people of faith and we thank you for their work, faith and commitment.

As we turn to the future, we turn to you.

Lord of hope: reveal to us your plan for this church so that we keep looking and walking in the right direction even when things are difficult.

Lord of grace: I f we try to do everything in our own strength we will fail or fall short. Fill us with your spirit and grant us your grace so that we are always ready and able to do what you ask of us.

Lord of Passion: Help us to discard our negativity, doubt or anxiety and to be renewed with passion for your mission and enthusiasm in everything that we undertake in your name

we ask these things in Christ's name. Amen