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ADDRESS: 112 Cavell Street,

London, El 2JA

PHONE: 020 7112 4984


1 8th January 2018

Dear all sponsors of David and Jo Downing,

I'm getting in touch to thank you all for your wonderful efforts in raising El , 340.00 to support Safe Passage through your sponsorship of David's New York Marathon run.

Because of donations you've helped to raise, we can continue the valuable work that we do, giving much needed help and support to vulnerable refugee children and helping to reunite them with Family members. It brightens our day when people fundraise on our behalf as we are continually stretched to full capacity, and there are many more children in need of support.

It's a busy time at Safe Passage, as we continue to support unaccompanied children in France, Italy, Greece and more widely across Europe and the world to be reunited with their families. It is thanks to donations like yours that Safe Passage has been able to achieve so much over the past year. In Greece, every child we have tried to reunite with  family in Britain has made it to safety. In Italy, we've secured the first ever half dozen transfers for children under family reunion provisions including one to Germany. In France, we've partnered with organisations such as MSF and the Human Trafficking Foundation and, as a result of campaigning pressure, the French have finally created a shelter specifically for children with family in the UK while the British have at last published the criteria they use for accepting family reunion claims. Building on this over the coming year may finally see an end to children dying in Calais trying to reach loved ones here.

The funds you helped to raise are greatly appreciated and will certainly make a huge difference to the lives of the children and families we reunite. Safe Passage simply could not continue its work without people like you supporting us.

With kind regards,


Emma Watson  


Development Manager