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Junior words of wisdom

“An oak tree stands for over a hundred years, started from a small acorn. It grows and grows over decades, just like a church. A church starts with just a few adults and maybe a few children, and grows and grows, and as time goes by it gets bigger and bigger each year. Just like our love for God, it grows each time we take a new step forward through our lives.  A baby from the mother’s womb trusts the mother through everything, just as we should trust God. Whatever God says is always right. God’s love is eternal. If we love the Lord, we will all live eternally and God’s love will never end.”

(By Cwinyaai)

“The kingdom of heaven is like a seedling. You plant it in your garden and it grows and grows and grows and over a lifetime it will grow into a massive tree, as tall and as strong as the Eiffel Tower. Just like having Christianity in your life, which grows and becomes much more important in the way you live and act.”

(By Alice)