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Childrens Services

Junior Church at URC West St., Maidenhead


 Junior Church meets every Sunday at 10.30. Children stay in the service, usually for about 15 minutes, and then go to their groups. We cater for various age groups as are appropriate each week.


 Children can go into whichever group they feel they will be happiest in.


 Children enjoy games, stories and craft work suitable for their ages and particularly enjoy the friendships they form within their groups. Many of the children don’t see each other during the week, as they attend different pre schools and schools, so they look forward to Sundays, when they can meet each other. Every week, some time is taken up with children telling each other what they have done during the week, and some of them go to each other’s houses as they just haven’t had long enough together.


 Junior Church is led by a lively team of individuals who enjoy their time with the children. Leaders meet every 2 months, when they plan topics, the rota, and outings such as picnics in the local park, and barbeques. At the start of each year, Junior Church has a New Year party, which is an exciting occasion, supported by many members of our congregation.      


 West St. Junior Church is certainly an enjoyable experience for children of all ages and welcomes you to bring your family along to have some fun.




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