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Bible Study Groups

We have three Bible Study Groups which are:    


 SALT Group


We meet on a Wednesday morning, during term time, at 10.30am for Bible study, prayer and fellowship.


Home Group 


The Group meets on the third Friday in the month from September to June.


The group comprises about 6 people at the moment and we start at 7.45pm.  Initially we just chat and share our news with each other until 8.00pm when the time of study begins.  We normally use set Bible Studies with each booklet containing approx. 6 to 10 different chapters on a given theme, and we study one chapter per session.  This month (February) we are looking at the parables of Money and self worth, in the booklet entitled Parables, the greatest stories ever told by John White


The study time opens with prayer in which we ask God to share our meeting and guide our thoughts and then we begin to explore the topic of the evening.  Each session is thought provoking, informative and deepens ones knowledge of the Christian faith.


I'd like to extend a warm welcome to anyone who wishes to further their Christian knowledge and faith to our home group. (click here to make contact)


Sunday Evening Bible Study


We have a bible study group which meets on the second Sunday of the month (except August) at 7.30pm for about an hour and a half.  Members choose what they would like to study and discuss - a theme, a character or a book of the Bible.  We enjoy tea, coffee and fellowship from about 7.00pm.  All are welcome.


Initial inquiries may be made by contacting the Administrator's office on 01628 635781